about us

Scale Up Accounting is a team of accounting and financial experts dedicated to helping Kiwi Entrepreneurs create financial freedom.

Scale Up Accounting believes that Entrepreneurs are the future of New Zealand. Being a small country and with trends towards having a global and free economy, we believe New Zealand needs great Entrepreneurs to succeed and provide New Zealanders with the great lifestyle we have grown up with.

We believe that by helping to grow and improve their financial position, entrepreneurs can have the opportunity to truly fulfill on their purpose and passions in life.

Finally, we believe that when Entrepreneurs fully engage in their true passions and their major life purpose, that is when they create the biggest impact on the world.

The problem is, there are often too many road blocks to creating success. The financial pressure and stress of running a business is one of the major contributors to business failure.

By creating Financial Freedom for our Entrepreneurs, we believe we can allow the Kiwi Entrepreneurial spirit to flourish!

Scale Up Accounting essentially answers four questions that Kiwi Entrepreneurs must answer to achieve Financial Freedom:
1. How can I improve my Business Performance?
2. How can I grow the value of my Business?
3. How can I increase and protect my Personal Wealth?
4. How can I minimise taxes and compliance?

The answers to these four questions make up the “Four Pillars of Financial Freedom” which is represented on the right side of the page. If you would like to know more about these pillars, please click the diagram.

If you have any questions on how we help to create financial freedom for Kiwi Entrepreneurs or you wish to get started with Scale Up Accountants, please click the contact section above.