How can you help me to grow the value of my business?

While most business owners focus on creating income for themselves through their business, the Kiwi Entrepreneur also focuses on growing the long term economic value of their business. They understand that creating short term profits should be supplementary to growing the value of their business first.

This is the most neglected area in Entrepreneurship in New Zealand as most people derive high standards of living from the great income they produce. However, to continue to grow your personal income without considering the value of your business leaves significant potential wealth untouched.

As owning a business is considered one category of assets (along with Property ownership, Shares, Term Deposits etc), it would be completely inappropriate to invest in property concerned with only the yield of the property without considering the potential capital gain in the property. Yet this is the approach most business owners take when growing a business!

As part of the dream towards Financial Freedom, growing the value of your business is a necessity and probably the most under thought area of business for Kiwi Entrepreneurs!

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