How can you help me to increase and protect my Personal Wealth?

Kiwi Entrepreneurs understand there is a risk in having their wealth tied up only in their business. With the other assets they have accumulated, these need to be managed effectively to ensure they reach financial freedom.

As your accountant, we are usually one of our customers most trusted adviser. The reason is, because we have the opportunity to see an entrepreneurs personal income and asset position naturally on an annual basis.

At Scale Up Accounting we feel it is our duty to look after our clients holistic financial affairs. While we are not financial advisers, we act as a financial project manager for a clients – helping them to put together and manage the action plans for their wealth affairs. We then track the progress you make towards your goals annually.

Our Wealth Creation Service is our most requested and most referred program to customers of Scale Up Accounting. The main reason for this is that we are an independent manager of your affairs- not paid for you investing in any of our products. For all advice, referral partners and services we are not paid for anything other than the fees to us for providing this service. This means you have completely independent advice from your financial partner on your track to financial freedom!

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