How can you help me to minimise the amount of tax I pay and reduce the work I have to do for my taxes?

The value of Kiwi Entrepreneurs is best spent focusing on the key areas of their business and personal lives rather than on business administration.

By having timely access to compliance records, Scale up Accounting can minimise your compliance work and taxes.

Scale Up Accounting places great value on being able to minimise the amount of work you need to do to complete your annual tax returns and on all compliance activities. We go to a huge effort up front to make sure we set up all the correct systems to ensure you need to do as little work as possible to finish your tax returns.

We also have a “No Book keeping” policy at Scale Up Accounting. We are paid to tackle the high level problems in your business. This means if someone can do your work cheaper/faster/easier than we can do it, then we will refer the work on to someone else. We regularly refer business on to book keepers to ensure we can keep your annual accounting costs as low as possible. This ensures every dollar you spend on your compliance is spent effectively to help reduce your tax bill and the amount of time you spend on compliance.

Reducing your taxes and compliance work is the final step to helping create financial freedom for clients.

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